About us


The name of the Association is “International Cooperation Association for Economic and Technology Development of Laos”, hereafter named “Association” in this document. The short form name is “iLoas”. The name in Chinese is “老撾經濟及科技發展國際協會”. The name in Laos language is “ສະມາຄົມສາກົນການພັດທະນາເສດຖະກິດແລະວິທະຍາສາດເຕັກນິກແຫ່ງສປປ ລາວ”


The objects for which the Association is established are:

    1. To promote the development of society economic with the applications of technology;
    2. To establish and maintain communication channels between international society and society of general public, commercial and government of Laos;
    3. To provide a forum for exchange of the society knowledge and commercial environment of Laos;
    4. To provide a forum for exchange of the knowledge of technology that may help the social economic development of Laos;
    5. To provide technology and business consultancy services related to Laos and its international cooperation;
    6. To engage in any suitable activities in conjunction with other bodies or associations, within the limits of the Association’s Objects and to arrange reciprocal concessions and co-operation with other such bodies and associations;
    7. To encourage the study of social economic situation and technology needs of Laos;
    8. To encourage the international cooperation for the development of social economic and technology of Laos;
    9. To apply for and obtain any local ordinance or regulation or amendment of any existing ordinance enactment or regulation of any counties, or international ordinance or regulation for furtherance of any of the objects of the Association or for the purpose of reducing the barriers of the development of social economic and technology of Laos;
    10. To raise funding for supporting the above objects;
    11. Generally, to do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to attainment of the above objects