Laos' Products Market Research

Project Coordinator: MiMi Chan


Most of the population of Laos is engaged in farming and there is very little manufacturing. Either the name of Laos or the product of Laos are not familar to the World. However, Laos has rich nature resources and Agriculture products. The most famous exporting products are their coffee, wood craft and beerlao. Some other agriculture products are exported through the name of other country, such as their rice.


Establishing the product export market under the brand of Laos is importance on their economic development. During our communication to different organization and individual, the name of Laos or its product are totally stranger to most people. A project is initialized to preform a Market Reserach for Laos' related commerial product in Hong Kong. Its objective is to seek for the market place of Laos' products and market needs on it. This project will conduced by variant means including questionniare to organizations/business entities in general or in specific field. First phase of this project will be focus in the Asian International City - Hong Kong, which can both representing the international and asian market. First phase of the research will be finished on end of this year. A report will be compiled for member's reference.





Project start at August 2010. Last Updated on Auguest 2010.